Digital Transformation

  • Big Data

    "We guarantee to install Cloudera or Hortonwroks in 15 days enabling Level 3 security". Big data is being shaped by a number of trends. Digital transformation is one of the most profound. It is going to change the data science profession in many ways in the years to come. Digital Transformation is the Next Major Phase of Big Data.

    We have expert team of Hadoop engineers who can support Cloudera and Hortonworks distribution. We can support Hadoop on any flavor of infrastructure like on premises, on cloud and hybrid.

  • Cloud Computing

    Genial Software Solution provides cloud based high quality solutions that are less expensive and delivered much faster than routine application development. Reducing costs on computing, infrastructure and benefiting out of cloud based SaaS application, better accessibility and improved ease of use.

    We enable a rapid and economic way of migrating customer applications to cloud based application, so that they are secure, available, scalable, and efficient complying with cloud computing standards and protocols.

    We offer end to end services for cloud that involve design, developing applications, collaborating cloud applications, managing cloud infrastructure and supporting cloud solutions for your end users.

    Our expert areas in cloud computing covers, CRM migration, customization and deployment offered by, Cloud integration and collaboration with online or offline systems, such as google apps or oracle, or be it setting up your infrastructure on the cloud ensuring security and efficiency. Managing your application and infrastructure on cloud; we do it all.

Application Engineering

Software Development

S/w development standard process:

To be a leading IT services organization we have to build opportunities by understating the customer requirement. Almost all the software companies use sequential software development processes, such as the Waterfall model, or Agile software development processes, such as the Scrum model. With rapid advances in communication and information technology, global development teams have become the norm, allowing organizations to deliver high-quality software and solutions at low cost.

Fixed budget Model:

We handle end to end software development at a fixed price. Below are the advantages to the customer in this model.

  • Fixed price enables compliance to the budget.
  • Price comparison between competing vendors is easier.
  • Project Management is tight because of the fixed price.
  • The Vendor is more concerned about delays than the customer.
  • Payment is based on completion of milestones.

This model of development is most suitable for small applications that are expected to be delivered in a month or two. Refer to the process steps for a detailed explanation on each step and the associated deliverables.

Effort orientation model:

In this model we handle end to end software development here, the application is generally developed in phases based on the priority set by the customer. Although there is an initial estimate and a project plan, the billing is done monthly on the basis of the actual effort spent on the project and the man day’s rate agreed between Genial and the customer. The advantages in working with this model are:

  • The customer involvement in the development process is higher and the resultant application is superior in terms of meeting requirements and providing user friendly features.
  • The vendor can focus better on the quality of deliverables as the billing is at actual.

This model of development is suitable for large applications that are expected to take 6 months or more for development

Web Application Devlopment

To deliver this we have introduced below models which can help customer to come out of dilemma for quick software development.

  • Consultancy in Website Development.
  • Assessment of Client Requirement.
  • Provisioning of Cost Efficient Solutions.
  • Domain Registration & formalities thereof.
  • Design & Development of Static & Dynamic Websites.
  • Upgradation Services for Existing Websites.
  • Annual Maintenance of Website.

Website Development

Genial Software Solution is dedicated to provide excellent service in the field of website design, flash web design, logo design, blog design & setup, custom programming and marketing creative design.We are different from other website design companies in that we provide our service at a very nominal affordable price through which we can help in saving 50 – 60 % of cost of our prospects. We cater to all projects whether big or small and work on everything with utmost honesty without any discrimination. We prefer first client satisfaction and quality of work whatever the client's budget is, we make the package to fit it.

  • Designing new websites for new products, services or a new online presence.
  • Redesigning existing websites that are looking tired, cluttered, or simply aren’t performing.
  • Developing Flash Websites, tools and games for more impressive and creative Brand experiences.
  • Blog Design.
  • Content Management.
  • Web Forms.
  • Search Engine Optimization.
  • Print, Graphic & Logo Design.


Legacy To Modern:

Almost all customers face a situation where they have to discard applications developed on a legacy platform and engage in the process of migrating them onto the latest or popular technology platform.

We as an expert in migrating applications along with data. The Migration Team at Genial ensures that all bases are covered during the migration process to enable a seamless experience to the end users. Generally, the stress on the customer's IT team is tremendous during this process. However, Genial, with it's end-to-end customer focused approach ensures that the entire process is stress free and that all the milestones are met.

Rich Client To Web:

Advanced web development technologies have given rise to web applications that are as intuitive as rich client applications. With obvious advantages of web applications over the traditional client applications, customers saddled with rich client applications want to migrate to web applications.

We helps customers achieve their goal of migrating rich client applications to web applications with ease and finesse. Apart from managing the project on a turn key basis, Genial takes due care at the design stage to ensure that the User experience with the new web application is as close as possible to the previous client application. The User based approach ensures that there are no User grievances with respect to features at the end of the process.

  • Migration from Sharepoint 2007 to 2010.
  • Lotus Notes to Share Point.
  • Lotus Notes to Salesforce.

Annual Support

Unlimited Calls & Unlimited Effort:

The Annual Maintenance Contract spans a period of one year after the free warranty period is over. The AMC generally covers resolution of bugs and issues pertaining to the application. It does not cover enhancements. However, there may be variations depending on specific customer requirements.

We have a standard Service Level Agreement (SLA) for managing calls. However, the SLA can be tailored to specific customer requirements. Most of the customers prefer to opt for an AMC that would cover unlimited number of calls and would have no ceiling on effort spent on calls. This model assures unrestricted support throughout the year and ensures peace of mind for the customer.

The AMC cost for this model is worked out as a percentage of the project cost.

Unlimited Calls & Limited Effort:

In this model, the effort that can be spent on the AMC calls is limited to certain man days depending on the extent of support required for the application. The AMC cost in this case is worked out in terms of the man days required on a per man day rate. The net effect is that the cost works out to be lesser than the unlimited effort option with a trade off on the unlimited effort comfort.

The other terms are same as the Unlimited Effort option.